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Aeration, Fertilization, Seeding in Virginia Beach
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Green Collar Landscaping does pruning in Virginia Beach
Green Collar Landscaping does sod installation in Virginia Beach

Christmas Lighting

Christmas light installation begins now! We are happy to provide lighting for walkways, trees, shrubs, building exteriors and more. Removal begins Jan 2nd. Start planning & saving with our early bird special.  


Includes choice of mulch, delivery & labor.  Choices of mulch include colorized, dark brown, chesnut, black, red & natural hard wood.  Pricing $70/yd.


Includes pruning, mulching, planting by either a 2 - 4 men crew. 

Pricing for labor is $75/hr (not including materials per project)


Includes single or double aeration, fertilization & seeding.  1st round of aeration starts in fall (Late September). 2nd round begins mid October-November. 

Pricing for single aeration $45 / 1,000 sqft

Pricing for double aeration $100 / 1,000 sqft


Season begins March 15th through November 15th.  Includes mowing, edging, trimming, & blow-off hard surfaces.  Weekly/Biweekly, Residential or Commercial options available. Starts @ $35

Irrigation in Virginia Beach

Fall Services

Includes leaf removal, gutter clean up, & fall planting. We blow/remove yard debri out of curb, planting beds, bagging, & disposal.
Pricing starts @$75/hr.  Fall planting prices vary per project. Please call for details. (757) 618-0081

Landscape Lighting in Virginia Beach

Landscape Lighting

Includes a 1 on 1 consultation with our lighting specialist, design & labor.

Pricing starts @ $210/fixture.

Paver Patio Install


Includes 1 on 1 consultation with ICPI certified crew member and your project choice of a paver patio, retainer wall, or fire pit design. 

Pricing varies per project.

Green Collar Landscaping does Drainage Solutions in Virginia Beach

Drainage Solutions

Includes 1 on 1 consultation and your choice of drywell or french drain options.

Pricing for drywell starts @ $250

Pricing for french drain starts @ $575 

Green Collar Landscaping does Fire Pits in Virginia Beach

Fire Pits

Includes 1 on 1 consultation with ICPI certified crew member, design, materials, and location on site. 

Pricing starts @ $800.

Green Collar Landscaping does sod installation in Virginia Beach

Sod Installation

Includes choice of sod (Fescue, Bermuda, Zoiysa, St. Augustine) grade as needed, lime & fertilization app if needed, & compact sod with wieghted roller.

Pricing starts @ $1.50/sqft


Includes cutting back new growth to customer specification.  

Pricing $75/hr.

Weed Control

Eliminate weeds by pulling or treating with herbicide. Prior to mulch application we apply broadleaf pre-emergent.

Pricing varies per sqft


Inclement Weather

If there is rain or other inclement weather, all scheduled lawns will be pushed back to the following day. 


We give our customers the opportunity to make necessary changes to their schedules by invoicing at the beginning of the month. All accounts are on a net 15 basis (meaning the balance is typically due on the 15th of every month), unless otherwise arranged.  We accept cash, checks & now online ACH debit payments. 


If you have a concern about your property in regards to damage or incomplete work please call (757)-618-0081 within 24hrs and we will be happy to resolve any issues. 

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